WR6 Sunday B… Sunday 22nd July. Drought action, 4 months to A march, crocodiles

Another week of drought led to a hosepipe ban in some areas, and we still have a government. But only just, though Theresa May wins all the big votes. Not because the Tories back her, but because their MPs fear she could call an election. So on Tuesday 17th, the government lost a minor amendment on the supply of medicines from the EU and won the big one on the customs Union. The Independent (18th July)  quoted one cabinet minister saying it was “extraordinary that we lost the vote that didn’t matter and won the one that did”.

Which is not the view of 38 degrees, which hailed the medicine vote as a tribute to its campaigning.  No word on the customs union, and 38 degrees has repeatedly refused to take a stand against Brexit. What exactly does 38 degree think it is doing?

No reply to my article 50 request to David Davis, so on Friday I sent off another letter re Davis thinking Democracy gives “the right to change your mind”. Does he still believe this? I think we should know.

Rest of the news

The People’s Vote petition grows, and by Sunday afternoon had reached 228,923  up from 217,766 on Sunday morning 15th, so it will hit the 250,000 mark and could rise to half a million or even a million by the time the follow up march to the 23rd June event happens on October 20th.

In fact there are two Marches planned, one on 30th September at Tory conference in Birmingham, run by EU In Brum the local group. This you would imagine would be a nationally supported event, so hopefully EU In Brum will get national backing.

But the national scene remains as confused and confusing as ever. Some support the People’s Vote with the slogan DEMAND A SAY, WITH AN OPTION TO STAY.  Which is the Best For Britain slogan. However the People’s Vote petition is run by Open Britain, whose petition does NOT have the option to stay and is run from Millbank offices used  in the Blair and Cameron election campaigns.

Open Britain supporter LordAdonis, very new Labour, put out a memo on 19th June from Open Britain announcing that there would be “the People’s Vote Campaign’s Summer of Action”. Let us hope this will happen before the drought breaks.

Does it matter?

Why the divisions matter was shown up by the Sunday Mirror of 22nd July, which carried a 38 MP letter from Best for Britain – and included the key phrase “”must keep the EU membership deal we currently have on the table” though the actual letter was not published in full in the paper. The covering article did however have the key phrase “support of a referendum on the final deal”, which is not perfect – we need a vote on the issue of staying in or coming out – but at least spelt out the vote would have to be a referendum. Words matter.

I signed the BFB petition because keeping the EU option in the ballot is vital, and Open Britain does not have this. A vote on the Deal which does not have the option to stay in is not a meaningful vote.


Meanwhile, the most telling story of the week was the one about the African village which had a crocodile kill one of the villagers, and went out and killed 300. Was this punishment? I don’t imagine so. It seems to me that was the logic of a lunatic instinct for  self preservation. You can’t be killed by a dead croc. Wipe out your enemy. The government had made crocodiles a protected species. However the law is useless when people are afraid and looking for a Final Solution. How rational is humanity  in the end?

22nd July 2018