WR5 – Drought Continues, Still no Hosepipe Ban

The three week drought continues, despite thunderstorms south of Stafford on Friday night, which

have changed nothing in my town. Local paper published a letter from me complaining on government lack of action including not bringing in a hosepipe ban. Symbolic of the way Brexit Wrecks It. Contacted my MP as a letter on Article 50 has been stuck in the Victoria sorting office since June 27th, David Davis’s department has never recieved it. Post office failure or something wrong in Downing St?

The Rest of the week.

Nothing much happened. Well, several ministers resigned over Soft Brexit, including two cabinet ministers for the first time since the Falklands war, England were beaten in the World Cup. Trump came and went and two heirs to the throne failed to meet him, and Peter Mandleson said UK would be

better with a No Deal than May’s deal. I am all for splitting the Tories, but lets remember the rule….


So back to the people’s vote petition.

The Petition drags along

On 10th BrexitSkeptic launched, and a correspondent complained it misunderstands the front running Open Britain People’s Petition. However the actual wording reads

“We, the undersigned,demand a People’s Vote on the Brexit Deal”

Happy to correct any misunderstanding, but the petition clearly does NOT call for a vote on rejecting Brexit. Why sign it if you want an option to cancel Brexit? As the Best For Britain petition does.

Some facts now suggest headlines drive its progress. It launched Sunday 24th June after 100,000 marched on 23rd June.

The initial targets of 75k, then 150k were reached easily. Third target of 200,00 not reached in first week, but a steady increase in additional signatures meant that this was reached on 9 07 First week max per hour was = 292, and by the 1st July one week after launch the signatures totalled 171,048, very respectable if nowhere near the all time modern record. This remains the epetition on the referndum posted by William Oliver Leavy in June 2016. This got over 4million and we will hear more about this in due course.

But back to the People’s vote. By Sunday 2 (8th July) 193,118 people had signed. This is an extra 22,070. In week Three, by Sunday 15th, as I looked at the figures over my breakfast today the total of 217,766 – was an extra 24,658. Obviously more signed in week three than week 2.

However look a little closer. 15,099 signed in the 24 hours after Johnson and Davis resigned. Take away those high profile incidents, and only 9,559 signed – in 6 days. The rate of signing per hour dropped to the lowest on my record list, 21 per hour in the 24 hours before breakfast on 15th July, and the first time below 40 per hour since 7th July. It’s too early to say if this is a trend, and I am convinced the target of 250,000 signings will be met, more indeed if the news continues to be bad. For the committed there will be more incentives to sign. But the figures are certainly worth thinking about- see the Data File for details.


Focussing on Youth

Whatever happens, youth are going to be vital, and taking them for granted is foolish. What exactly

is the policy of the Student Unions? The Guardian On 12th May reported “unions representing 980,000 students at 60 of the leading universities and colleges are writing to MPs” calling for support for a ‘People/s Vote”. All well and good, but where is the letter? And with what response? Amatey Doku, dep president of the National Union of Students spoke to the Guardian, and at the June 23rd rally. So does the NUS back the campaign? Amatey has failed to reply to letters and there is nothing on the NUS website – no news since May, and the officer section is 2017-18. A thread which has been closed.

So now our Brexit Skepticism has led to a letter to the NUS president to ask what the policy is. As one third of undergrad students will be new this Autumn, let’s not take them for granted.

And lastly congratulations to France

A great advert for the World Cup today, and for multi racial co-operation to make a winning team. And a classic howler from Hugo Loris. A wonderful match to savour.

The Brexit Sceptic, Sunday 15th July.