WR22 A Deadline is Not an End

The Demonstration on March 23rd may be overshadowed by the latest Meaningful Vote – #3 so far. The PM hopes that with the March 29th deadline coming up, MPs may collapse and vote for her Deal. Twice rejected – third time may be lucky for her – but not for the people of Britain.

The 2016 vote promised a better future for Britain, a promise which is no longer plausible. Indeed, a majority vote of MPs is not going to settle the issue though it would take Britain out of the EU if the Deal was passed. Some Tory extremists may still hope to keep the clock ticking till March 29th and out, but it is more likely that the long wearing down tactic of the Prime Minister will produce a majority to claim to be working to deliver the mandate of 2016.

The 2016 vote gave a mandate and  that bus can be parked for a while. But is the mandate still there or have the latest developments undermined the majority for Brexit? The People’s Vote claim the deal should be put to the people is valid, but what happens if a popular vote is  against the deal? It all starts to bubble again. The fear of a backlash and social unrest is not implausible.

But it cannot stop a Third Vote – as the democratic claim of 2016 is now wearing thin. Peter Kellner argued last year crossover day in January would see the young voters outgun the old voters on whom the majority rested – and they are dying out. Is he right? We will never know without a third vote.. I have voted twice on the EU, being 72 years old. THE YOUNG SHOULD HAVE THE RIGHT TO VOTE especially those who could not vote in 2016 It is their future we are talking about.

Anything less than a third vote would be Anti Democratic

The Kyle Wilson amendment which would allow the May deal to go through if it was then put to a referendum is a runner. But  the vote would have to be on the whole of Brexit – the People’s Vote call for a vote only on the deal is not enough.It is the least bad option on the table at the moment. But in reality an extension of the deadline to allow a full debate and final public vote is the only  secure way to prevent a damaging conclusion to a damaging excercise in folly

Trevor Fisher- THE BREXIT SKEPTIC – March 18th 2019