WR19 A May Vote is Not a People’s Vote

Labour’s decision to back a People’s Vote must be a re-run of the 1975 and 2016 EU referendums to be meaningful, but is currently looking like a Vote on Theresa May’s Deal. If the Kyle- Wilson amendment is supported by Labour, the Parliamentary Party backs the most unpopular Premier in living memory but does not offer a vote on brexit. This is not a People’s vote, but currently is attracting support from People’s voters. This is a mistake.

Anthony Barnett in the Guardian of 1st March called his very similar position “My movement is the People’s vote campaign for a referendum on Theresa May’s deal”. He also stated on the current leadership “They would lose a second referendum” and he is right on that. And wrong on them losing a second referendum, they did that in 2016. But forgetting the 1975 vote is the entry ticket to the Westminster bubble.

The issue is the proposed package of a vote on the Theresa May deal, with a  referendum on the deal to follow. The terms of the support of Theresa May are yet to be published, but must include a referendum with a power to cancel the deal and its law if the vote is negative. Is such a bill legal and constitutional? Possibly, but we would need a clear legally binding power to cancel if the vote was negative. Otherwise the vote would be a cynical rubber stamp, the kind of Vote Yes and No Arguments vote that took place in Stalin’s Empire.

Once the right to veto the deal with enshrined in law, both Leave and Remain can campaign against it. We do not want May’s Deal and as she is the most unpopular Premier in living memory Labour with a handful of Tories would have an uphill battle to win the vote. I will campaign against whereas with a real Third Referendum and remain on the ballot paper, I would campaign for what I want which is Remain. If Labour denies us this right in order to campaign for  a Tory PM it will suffer badly.

If the May deal was defeated and collapsed as the law would have to allow, the situation would be worse than it is now. The extension time wasted, more angry and frustrated people, no advance towards a solution. Kyle Wilson is a dead end – kick it into touch for a real peoples vote on the table, offering a vote on the three main options – Remain, Leave with Theresa May’s Deal, Leave without a deal

Labour cannot back a fixed vote where voters can only vote for the Deal. If there is a two way vote, Leavers and Remainers must both vote against. It is time to kick this into touch

Trevor Fisher 1 3 19