WR13 Geraint Davies Bill for Revocation Article 50

Summary of The European Union (Revocation of Notification of Withdrawal) Bill 2017-19

A Bill to require the Prime Minister to revoke the notification, under Article 50 (2) of the Treaty on European Union, of the United Kingdom’s  intention to withdraw from the European Union  unless two conditions are met; to  establish as first  condition for nonrevocation that a withdrawal agreement has been approved by parliament by January 21st 2019  or during a extension period agreed by that date under Article 50 (3) of the Treaty on European Union; to establish as the second condition for non revocation that a majority of participating voters have voted for  that agreement in  a referendum in which the UK remaining as a member of the European Union was the other option, and for connected purposes.

Supporters: Thomas Brake MP, Sarah Woollaston MP, David Lammy MP, Peter Grant MP