T1 Second Referendum Myths

It is widely believed that the Second Referendum is yet to come, a now universally shared opinion demonstrating the first (1975) referendum is now invisible. Why is this important? Neither the options available now -which are focussed on the third referendum – nor the rules which were partially established in 1975 and their flaws can be understood without coming to term with the fact that commentators from the Daily Mail, Observer, Guardian, Independent, experts in academia and polling and in all political parties notably those critical of the second referendum do not know it has already taken place. Those who do not understand the mistakes of history are doomed to repeat them. This list is random, and will be update whenever more reference to a coming second referendum are found. Feel free to send in more when you see them please. Trevor Fisher

Media Myopia



Tom Peck, Independent, 28th August 2016

“The official Remain Campaign, known as Britain stronger in Europe, has relaunched as a campaign group called Open Britain, but has stopped short of calling for  a Second Referendum, and says controls on free movement of people should form part of Britain’s renegotiated arrangements with the European Movement…..” (emphasis added)


“The billionaire American banker who runs Goldman Sachs has demanded a second Brexit

referendum amid fears the result could hurt his profits…. Lloyd Blankfein has repeatedly hit out at the decision ….. “Here in the UK, lots of handwringing from chief executives over Brexit…. many wish for a confirming vote on a decision so monumental and irreversible. So why not make sure consensus still there?” Daily Mail November 17 2017.

Guardian & Observer

Students plan summer of defiance….

Toby Helm with Mason Boycott-Owen

12th May 2018

“Kent University’s Students Union is one of 60 across the UK… who by Saturday night had signed a letter to be sent to their local MPs calling for a “people’s vote” (a second referendum) on the eventual Brexit deal that Theresa May* brings back from Brussells…..”

Guardian Letters June 5th 2018

The pros and cons of a second EU referendum

…”A second referendum would be politically unpalatable and, with many  key leave  campaigners now at the heart of government, impossible. However given the fraudulent way in which the Brexit vote was secured, the fact the government is preparing to undemocratically rush through 15 lords amendments to the Brexit bill in a twelve hour session in the Commons next week; and the fact that public opinion on leaving the EU is shifting fast, the case for a ‘people’s vote; on the Brexit deal is now irrefutable.”

Molly Scott Cato MEP, Green, South West England



Observer 29 04 18

“Another Labour MP, meanwhile is attempting to engineer the first Commons vote on whether or not the final deal should be put to a second referendum. Gareth Thomas will introduce a back bench bill next month (first reading………….) which will trigger a non binding vote on the issue…

The Independent, Observer  and other media outlets have shown no awareness over two years since the vote  that the Second Referendum had already happened and no awareness of the implications of the 1975 Vote,.


Fraser Myers on the launch of the Millbank tendency campaign

“Jean Luc Picard may want a second referendum – but the public doesn’t…. Sir Patrick Stewart laid out the campaign’s intentions. ‘We are not calling for a second referendum’, he told the Andrew Marr show, just ‘another chance to consider the decision’… of course any new ballot that includes the option to remain in the EU, as the People’s Vote Crowd are calling for* would be a blatant re-run of the 2016 referendum. But there is a reason why elite Remainers are at pains to deny that they are demanding a second referendum. Their own polling  shows that the people do not want one….**”

*They are not. The only want to consider the deal and have different terms. Brexit is not on their agenda – officially TF ** Not contestable – but opinion polls are accurate only on the day. The democratic arguments are about allowing challenges and the right to change minds. WHich was allowed to Leavers after the ‘forgotten’ 1975 referendum.

Academic myopia

Dr Andrew Blick writing for the Constitution Society – the leading intellectual body on the subject.

Paper of 8th January 2018 Title – The Constitutional Implications of a Second EU referendum.

Starts “The idea of a second EU referendum of some kind, though highly controversial, is now a  part of public debate in the UK. Whatever view one takes of the first vote….” (emphasis added).

Dr Blick does not refer to the real first vote, in 1975. His paper as appears  to be the case with

all the contributors to the Constitution Society web site, is completely lacking in understanding that

the first vote took place in 1975.


The constitutional implications of a second EU referendum


Polling myopia                                  

Alan Wells on UK Polling Report- March 29th 2018 – from the report on Brexit polling:

“….Support for a second referendum. Different polling companies produce very different results for

this question. Some… show more support than opposition for a second referendum, other show more people now support one. It seems to depend on how the question is asked….” (emphasis added). This was based on a report by YouGov by Anthony Wells posted at 2.30 on March 29th which had as question “8 Second Referendum” and contained the sentences noted above.

Professor John Curtis (the best academic on polling) April 18th 2018.

“Survation and ICM had produced….

Political myopia

“New Left Foot Forward polling shows the public have turned against Brexit- a true democracy woudl give them a second vote”.

Tom Brake, Lib-Dem MP for Carshalton, 12th December 2017.

“The  general election and the resulting hung parliament cannot be an excuse for delaying our departure from the EU….Those wanted to overturn the referendum result and have a second referendum were treated with scorn by the electorate….

Trade Unionists Against the EU Labour Conference 2017

Renew – a new proto centre party – founding statement

Rethink Brexit -Stop Brexit- a second referendum

“our country is divided by the EU referendum because many people feel they were lied to. We believe a second referendum is overwhelmingly in the interests of both Brexit and Remain supporters. The referendum would be on the final deal negotiated with the EU so the country can vote on the reality of Brexit and come to an informed decision… we will put pressure on all politicians to offer a second referendum by standing parliamentary candidates in every constituency in the UK”

https://renewbritain.org/core-ideas/            printed 3 05 18

Fabian General Secretary Andrew Harrop…. “The Long Game”

Labour List 11th May 2018

“A week is a long time in politics. Now the conversation is back to the question of whether to back a super soft Brexit or even a second referendum…”

Political propaganda

From the government response to an epetition which expired on 12th March 2018, calling on government to hold a further referendum on the Brexit deal, allowing a vote on revoking Article 50 (ie the Article 50 letter). The epetition gained 144,902 signatures and thus triggered a debate on 11th December 2017. The epetition did not mention a second referendum, but the written response included the following:

“On 23rd June 2017 the British People voted to leave the European Union. The UK government is clear that it now its duty to implement the will of the people  and so there will be no second referendum. The decision to hold the referendum (sic) was supported by  clear majorities in both the House of Commons and the House of Lords… There must be no attempts to remain inside the European Union, no attempts to rejoin by the backdoor, and no second referendum. The country voted to leave the EU, and it is the duty of the Government to make sure that we do just that….”

Campaign myopia

Lord Malloch Brown, Chair of Best for Britain, Daily Telegraph Chopper’s Brexit Podcast Episode 37

16th February, “A perfectly reasonable outcome could be a defeat of Mrs May’s (Brexit) package, an eruption within the Conservative Party that leads to a change of leader. This would lead to “the terms of the deal” put to “a second referendum”.

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