I2 Follow up to the Big Red Alternative Bus

Following the Big Red Alternative Bus pictured on the editorial page, Is It Worth It?

report that since February they have been working as follows:

“Our plan was to complement a further bus tour with a social media campaign. In the event we¬†financed stage 1 of a social media campaign. This aims to test whether we can make a measurable difference to the level of support for a People’s Vote with the option of staying in. But getting La bour to support a vote is essential and the party is much more likely to do so if it is confident that this will not lead to a net loss of seats.

“Our social media campaign is designed to help provide that confidence. It consists of three phases:

  1. A test Facebook campaign. This is underway in 11 marginal seats and is designed to show whether or not a targetted campaign can reduce the proportion of voters who think that if the people reject the Deal, the UK should leave without a Deal.
  2. If we can show this works we will roll it out to 106 battleground seats (82 in England, 24 in Scotland)
  3. An opinion poll in those seats (in fact two polls, one in England and Wales and one in Scotland).

“Phase 1 is under way and we will be completed by mid July. If phase 1 is successful we will be holding meetings with¬† potential funders between 17th and 25th July.

“We are actually running the social media campaign from a sister group called Represent Us”

Philip Richmond