I-4 Youth Voices

The voices of young people must be heard in the coming months – they will have to face
the effects of Brexit if it goes ahead. The narrow vote for Brexit in 2016 was due to pensioners votes who clearly will not live to see the long term effects of Brexit – and I write as a pensioner myself.

Many young people who are now 18 were denied the right to vote in 2016 because of their age. How can it be morally right to conclude the divorce from the EU without allowing a vote on whether to stay in or proceed with the Divorce?

The four essays here express individual viewpoints but all are written by supporters of the student ¬†group For Our Future’s Sake (FFS) and their website can be found at https://ffsakes.uk/. The first three, by Jason Arthur, Emily Andrews and Patrick Moule first appeared on the Left Foot Forward website. The fourth, by Jason Arthur aimed at Labour supporters, appeared on the Labour List website, but all are relevant to the controversies which will take shape in the autumn.

Trevor Fisher