WR7 The state of play August 2018

Anti Brexit in late summer The summer parliamentary recess means Brexit is out of the headlines, apart from Boris Johnson, giving a chance to take stock. At national level activity is focussed on the People’s Vote petition launched after the June 23rd. The collection of signatures for the People’s Vote petition shows a steady growth,

I-4 Youth Voices

The voices of young people must be heard in the coming months – they will have to face the effects of Brexit if it goes ahead. The narrow vote for Brexit in 2016 was due to pensioners votes who clearly will not live to see the long term effects of Brexit – and I write

DF2 People’s Vote Tracker

The People’s Vote website is at https://www.peoples-vote.uk And the total number of people who have signed is at https://www.peoples-vote.uk/petition We are tracking the number of signatories each day where possible at 07.35 to give an idea of the numbers signing in each 24 hours. The results are tabulated below. On some days the check was