WR21 Grassroots For Europe Latest

Here is a link to the latest Grassroots for Europe Update And this is a motion passed in South/North Staffordshire Brexit campaign priorities Motion from the South/North Staffordshire EU groups  as adapted by the Grassroots meeting 2 3 19 This meeting welcomes the Labour proposal to support a further EU referendum if the time is

WR18 Extend the Deadline

THE CASE FOR A YEAR’S EXTENSION OF THE ARTICLE 50 DEADLINE. British politics is now in crisis because a minority faction    has taken control of the Westminster process and is driving  to a hard deal. Both Corbyn’s Labour Party and May’s Tory party are seeking to avoid No deal but are being driven to No Deal

WR 15 Postpone the Deadline

After the letter in the Guardian The Round Robin letter published in the Guardian (below) calling for a postponement of the Article 50 deadline has not proved effective. Though Tory leaders including Philip Hammond (Chancellor) and Jeremy Hunt (Foreign Secretary) and even sometimes Keir Starmer, the Party leaders are not moving at al. Corbyn’s desire