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As March 29 2019 grows closer the challenges of getting a 3rd binding Referendum on in or out the EU grow more intense.  This is a Remain site broadly backing the 2016 Labour policy of  staying in the EU to reform it. The Second Vote of 2016 – the first was in 1975 –  was a game of Russian Roulette,  politically and metaphorically – but only if there is a game changing strategy over the next nine months can a Brexit disaster be prevented.

This site looks at the specific problems generated by three key areas of debate. State of Play looks at key data in focus, assessing the state of public opinion, and in weather report analyses the problems of a divided politics and the obstacles to a further vote. The  Issues section looks at political pressures, both the pro Brexit and anti Brexit forces. The site supports no existing organisation, but makes no secret that the ultimate aim is a broad cross party  coalition against Brexit.

Values and ideology have proved more influential than facts and predictions,  and the Theory section looks at how key ideas and a distorted history are playing out, with democratic rhetoric justifying government by diktat. The latest posts are set out  below and the editorial can be accessed by clicking the button below the last box.

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State of Play Latest

  • WR 15 Postpone the Deadline (2/11/2019) - After the letter in the Guardian The Round Robin letter published in the Guardian (below) calling for a postponement of the Article 50 deadline has not proved effective. Though Tory leaders including Philip Hammond (Chancellor) and Jeremy Hunt (Foreign Secretary) and even sometimes Keir Starmer, the Party leaders are not moving at al. Corbyn's desire for a General Election (allegedly) would be aided by a postponement, Citizen's Assemblies if desired can be staged, or even a Third Referendum, but none can be staged if the deadline remains March 29th. Delay then becomes essential.The priority is to Extend the Deadline. WHY IS THERE NO CAMPAIGN ON THIS? Guardian Letter 16th January 2019 Extend the Article 50 deadline by at least a year Two and a half years on, the Brexit process is in total stalemate, with the Damocles sword of a disasterous No Deal hanging over our heads. We are told that finally the government has been forced to open a dialogue with parliament. But the scale of the democratic and constitutional crisis we are witnessing suggests that this is one of those times when 'we the citizens' have a right to say on what happens next, precisely because what is at

Issues Latest

  • I9 To Get A Vote, Shift the Article 50 deadline (11/23/2018) - In the House of Lords on October 25th, Lord Kinlochard (John Kerr, the former ambassador) referred to THE ROADMAP TO A PEOPLE'S VOTE* as setting out a strategy for a further referendum on Brexit. The debate did not take up the suggestion but it is important for several reasons, the most imharmediate being what Lord Kerr - one of the main experts on EU law - highlighted as an immediate priority. Lord Kerr said "I acknowledge that it would be necessary to stop the Article 50 clock and obtain an extension of the two year negotiating period". He thought this

Theory Latest

  • T2 Democracy, Referendums & Brexit Pamphlet (10/27/2018) - Trevor Fisher has written a short pamphlet to explain the background to the issue of referendums and Brexit including the fact that the 2016 referendum was the second one on the issue not the first. To download the pamphlet all we ask is that you give us your email so we can keep you up to date on Brexit Skeptic. We only send out occasional emails and will never use your email for any other purpose. If you have already subscribed to our emails you will get a direct link to the pamphlet in an email. Either way you can save the pdf to your computer to read offline. Just go to File-Save As and save as a PDF. Trevor also has a limited number of printed copies - get in touch if you want one via the contact page.
  • T1 Second Referendum Myths (6/19/2018) - It is widely believed that the Second Referendum is yet to come, a now universally shared opinion demonstrating the first (1975) referendum is now invisible. Why is this important? Neither the options available now -which are focussed on the third referendum - nor the rules which were partially established in 1975 and their flaws can be understood without coming to term with the fact that commentators from the Daily Mail, Observer, Guardian, Independent, experts in academia and polling and in all political parties notably those critical of the second referendum do not know it has already taken place. Those who do not understand the mistakes of history are doomed to repeat them. This list is random, and will be update whenever more reference to a coming second referendum are found. Feel free to send in more when you see them please. Trevor Fisher Media Myopia OPEN BRITAIN REMAIN RELAUNCHES - BUT GIVES UP HOPE FOR  A SECOND REFERENDUM CAMPAIGN Tom Peck, Independent, 28th August 2016 "The official Remain Campaign, known as Britain stronger in Europe, has relaunched as a campaign group called Open Britain, but has stopped short of calling for  a Second Referendum, and says controls on free movement

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